Summer Time of Use Rate

Introducing the Summer Time of Use Rate

Michigan’s economy is growing, and with growth comes increased opportunity for all of us. At Consumers Energy, we are here to power that growth and ensure a vibrant future – all while protecting the environment we love. One way we’re doing that is through our new summer Time of Use rate – a statewide effort that will:

  • Give you more control over your electricity use and monthly bill
  • Reduce demand on the electric grid during periods of high demand
  • Help decrease our dependence on fossil fuels

What is this New Rate?

With increased demand comes an increase in cost. That’s why on weekdays from 2 pm to 7 pm, June to September, electric rates will be higher – and we’ll be encouraging you to take advantage of lower cost energy available at other times of day.

With this new rate, when you use electricity will be just as important as how much you use.

Why Was This New Rate Created?

Because of our growing economy, more people and businesses are running energy-intensive equipment like air conditioning units in the summer, placing a higher demand on the electric grid during weekdays between 2 pm and 7 pm. The summer Time of Use rate is a way to manage demand, plan for future economic growth and protect our environment – all while keeping control in the hands of our customers.

How will the New Rate Change Things for You?

Although this changes how we think of energy use, most people will see less than a $4 increase to their monthly bill if they don’t shift when they use energy.

If you are able to shift your use of some electric appliances (for example, your washing machine, dish washer, air conditioner) to times when demand is lower, your electricity costs will be lower.

When demand is at its highest, weekdays between the hours of 2 and 7 pm, a higher electric rate will be charged (but never on weekends).

Benefits of the New Rate:

  • You have more control of your electric use and monthly bills
  • Pay less by reducing electric use during peak periods
  • Provides energy for a vibrant Michigan economy
  • Supports Michigan’s shift to clean, renewable energy

When Will it Begin?

This June, we will begin automatically moving residential customers to the new summer Time of Use rate. If you are scheduled to change, we will notify you months in advance. To help with the change, we will send you a package of information, including ideas on how you can shift energy use and save money.

All residential customers will move to the summer Time of Use rate by June 1, 2020.

In April, a new rate comparison tool will be available so you can see how the rate change will specifically impact your bill and help you find opportunities to save. Make sure you create a Consumers Energy Account if you don’t already have one.