turbine propeller
Construction on Lake Winds® Energy Park began in the fall of 2011. The main phases of the project included building access roads, foundations, towers, nacelles, blades, buried collector systems and substations.

After work began, project completion took about one year.
  • Spring 2012 – turbine site foundations and access roads were completed
  • April 2012 – turbine components began arriving in Ludington
  • May 2012 – installation of first turbine
  • August 2012 – all 56 turbine installations were completed
Safety was a number one priority for our team and our contractors throughout construction. Before the wind generator blades even started spinning, numerous precautionary measures were implemented and several stages of construction were completed. There were no lost-time incidents or injuries involving the public or our employees during construction. View map of project boundaries and wind turbine locations.

Complaint Submittal Form

As with any project of this scope, questions and concerns may arise. If you have a complaint that our team is unable to solve, you can file an official complaint about Lake Winds Energy Park by submitting a complaint form.

Please use the online form to give details of any issues you have encountered with the operation of the Lake Winds Energy Park.