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Information Technology Careers

Make an Impact with Your IT Career

Consumers Energy provides information technology professionals with rewarding careers working on projects that make an impact. We rely on the smartest developers, integrators and analysts to make sure our colleagues throughout the company are technologically equipped to serve customers throughout Michigan.

Sound like a job for you? Come work with and in a flexible, collaborative environment across all departments of the company. This companywide exposure puts us on the front line of innovation across multiple projects and platforms.

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On the Job

“I’m learning so much about what it takes to run an IT shop, and that is beyond valuable. Currently, I am working on benchmarking our IT unit costs, and comparing them with other utilities from around the United States. By doing this, we are able to do make smarter investment decisions.”

Sarah, IT Measurement, Performance and Process Lead


“I have always felt a passion for helping people. At Consumers Energy, I have the opportunity to do that every day. The work you do improves the safety and quality of life in your home town or across the state. Every day can be different and I get to interact with a diverse group. It means I am always learning.”

Todd, Data Analysis - System Integrity

“As a military veteran, I take great pride in my service to the United States. Working for Consumers Energy allows me to continue that service by being part of a great company that is dedicated to providing electricity and natural gas to the people of Michigan.”

Shawn, OT - Cyber Security

“The flexibility that Consumers Energy provides you with is bar none. There are so many opportunities within the company and everyone is more than willing to listen and help you get where you want to be next.”

Sarah, IT Measurement, Performance and Process Lead

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Consumers Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer, please review our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Family and Medical Leave Act.


Federal law and many state laws require employers to make accommodations to disabled applicants and employees where the accommodation does not impose an undue hardship on the employer. For those applicants seeking a position within the State of Michigan, a disabled individual needing accommodation for employment must notify the employer in writing within 182 days after the need is known or should have been known. Michigan law provides that failure of a Michigan employee to properly notify the employer will preclude any claim that the employer failed to accommodate the disabled individual. However, this does not waive an individual’s right under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, which sets no time limit for requesting an accommodation nor does it require such accommodation to be in writing.