Electric Vehicle Charging – When, Where and How

Charging at Home

Charging an electric vehicle is simple, safe and stress-free. It’s as easy as plugging and unplugging a charging cord, and can be done at home or on the go.

An easy, cost-effective option is to charge your electric vehicle at home in your driveway or garage. There are two levels for at-home charging:

Level 1

  • Comes with the purchase of an electric vehicle.
  • Uses standard three-prong, 120-volt house outlets.
  • Many electric vehicles can be fully charged overnight using Level 1. This is dependent on vehicle type, battery capacity and driving habits.

Level 2

  • Chargers can be purchased through auto dealers or online through many sources.
  • Typically requires installation in one’s garage by an electrician.
  • Uses 240-volt circuits similar to what is used for a central air conditioning system, electric stove or electric clothes dryer.
  • Level 2 charging usually takes half the time of Level 1 dependent on the vehicle and charging station.

We even offer lower rates for customers who charge their electric vehicle overnight during off-peak periods.

Help us preserve the planet for generations to come. Charge your vehicle with renewable energy by subscribing to Solar Gardens or the Green Generation Program.

Charging on the Go

Public - DC Fast Charging (DCFC)

DCFCs are designed to charge compatible electric vehicles quickly. They are generally public charging stations and can recharge approximately 80% of an EV’s battery in 30 minutes.

Public - Level 2

Many retailers, businesses and municipalities have begun integrating plug-in electric vehicle charging stations. These are often Level 2 and may have an associated fee.

Workplace Charging

Some employers provide Level 1 or 2 charging resources for employees. Workplace charging provides options for drivers with longer commutes, or those who do not have charging capability at home.

Find a Charger with PlugShare

PlugShare is a web and mobile application that helps electric vehicle owners:

  • Locate nearby charging stations
  • Optimize their use of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Access an updated list of stations every few minutes
  • Add, review and edit station information
  • Safely share their own, private charging station with electric vehicle drivers
  • Connect with individuals in the electric vehicle community
  • Download the PlugShare app


plugshare app



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